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A BOOK- A Poem by Eva Lianou Petropoulou

A Book

Eva Lianou Petropoulou

A book's pages are opened

And a boy starts to read

Heroes come out of the chapter

Weapons start to make a noise

Bombs were coming down to buildings

School were vanished

The boy starts to cry

Nobody could hear it

They were all occupied to count their small green and blue papers.

So many papers

So many bombs

So many people occupied doing nothing

That destroyed everything

It made the boy close the book.

He took another one

And starts looking at the beautiful illustrations

So many flowers

And strange fruits

And a lot of animals that were sitting just around a big lake.

There was also a forest with big trees

And a tall mountain

The chapter had a title:

'The peaceful world of


The boy happily continues to read

and that afternoon becomes the most amazing in the world..

Eva Lianou Petropoulou is an awarded author and poet from Greece with more than 25 years in the Literary field and has published more that 10 books. Her poems are translated in more than 15 languages.

Eva Lianou Petropoulou is President of creativity and art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association and represents Greece. She is also a member of International Association of Author and Artist, Greece. She is member of Association of Korinthian Authors, Association of Author and Artist Pireas. She is an advisor of Web magazino in China. She is member of Editorial Board, and an Ambassador of Namaste Magazine India and represents Greece.

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