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A Tale of Love by Anila Bukhari

A Tale of Love

Anila Bukhari

In the realm of hair, a tale unfolds,

Of locks that shimmered, stories untold.

Every girl beheld my strands with delight,

But it's not just their beauty that made them ignite.

For I held a secret, a purpose so grand,

To donate my hair, a helping hand.

To cancer patients, who lost their own,

A gift of hope, a chance to be shown.

One day, I witnessed a girl so dear,

With her little brother, shedding a tear.

Chemotherapy had taken her hair away,

Her brother's touch, a tender display.

Moved by their plight, I made a choice,

To share my hair, to give them a voice.

Selfish society questioned my act,

"Why lose your hair?" they did react.

But I stood strong, with conviction in my heart,

For it's not about losing, but playing a part.

To those without hair, who fight the fight,

My sacrifice brings them a glimmer of light.

As I touch my short hair, a bittersweet embrace,

I feel a sense of sadness, a trace.

But in the depths of my soul, I know it's true,

My hair may be gone, but love shines through.

For in the beauty of giving, we find our grace,

A chance to make a difference, in life's embrace.

So let us celebrate the power of hair,

A symbol of kindness, a love beyond compare.

Anila Bukhari, a remarkable individual from Pakistan, is a true force of inspiration. With her unwavering dedication, she has become a beacon of hope for children's rights, women's empowerment, and peace. Anila's poetic prowess has touched the hearts of readers in over 50 countries, transcending language barriers and spreading love and positivity.

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