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A Wilderness of Desires and Needs by Kheemchand Koli

A Wilderness of Desires and Needs

Kheemchand Koli

A man is mere a bubble of blooming desires

And the needs nudging him to fare through the life's span

From the infancy's first cry to landing into the last repose

He scrambles to attain the scattered lot

And the needs large and small to satisfy him

His pool of desires proliferates with passage of time

As he keeps narrowing his needs.

As a child, he craves for motherly care

Love and affection from all loved ones

Simple needs all met at once

With growth, widens that pool

Simple joys and friends many to make

Peer pressure keep creeping in callow nerves

He feels the flickers of fashion 

His needs blooms into desires vast and varied

As the maturity makes way to him

Luxury wraps him her lap

He finds himself lost in the swamp of desires and needs

Wandering in the wilderness of desires 

His every venture to meet material desires strips him of emotional desires 

So does his pursuit of emotional desires

Until the riddle of desires gets resolved

He is made mere a plaything in the pool of desires.

Kheemchand Koli is a poet from India.

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