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ALLURE- A Poem by Antonis Filippeos


by Antonis Filippeos

I can’t reach you,

you are miles away,

but those cool leaves

from lambent lotuses that penetrate you

are mine.

I want to capture them for ever

in the overcast sky

and give them my name.

When I feel lonely,

to take heart of your smile,

to create in my mind two sacred worlds.

When I hear you, to become a river

of molten brass and flow

with the words that jump out of your lips;

to gather them

turning them to sweet arrival

to dedicate it to you at night

just before I fall asleep

with you figure gravened on the maps of mind

that magnetizes the poles of soul.

A beam of light I become

for you that I desire,

impetuous passion,

and if you ever come to touch me,

then I will surrender

without a fight,

without hesitation…

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