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Analyzing Artistic and Literary Depth: A Journey Inside "Defining the Main Symbol

Analyzing Artistic and Literary Depth: A Journey Inside "Defining the Main Symbol"

By Zakia Khairhoum

The plot structure of "Defining the Main Symbol" by Kurdish author Ismat Sofi is a fundamental element that forms the essence of the tale, making it both exciting and engaging. The events are presented sequentially and gradually, where the tension slowly begins and progressively intensifies as the plot develops. This escalation in tension immerses the reader in the struggles of Parveen, arousing curiosity about what challenges she will face next. The author introduces hints and symbols that give the reader space to think and speculate, keeping the story thrilling to the end.

Ismat Sofi, a talented writer, film director, and activist, was born and raised in Kurdistan, Iran. After spending several years in the United States, she moved to Norway. Sofi’s literary and cinematic works have garnered multiple awards, showcasing her talent and creativity across various fields. By adopting events with a refined style and an exciting, suspenseful plot structure, Sofi transports her readers into the world of Parveen and her challenges. Through precise presentation of characters and the main conflict, she captures the reader's attention and piques interest in further developments in the story and Parveen's fate.

Sofi excels in using her narrative to reveal details about the world the characters inhabit and how it functions, adding layers of mystery and intrigue to the story. Through careful descriptions of environments and meticulous attention to the characters' lives, the reader is taken on an exploratory journey inside the world of the short story. This world is characterized by its unique rules that directly affect the behavior and actions of the characters.

These details emphasize the rigidity and harshness that Parveen endures and how she must adapt to this harsh world. This added layer of detail and mystery deepens the story, drawing the reader into this unique world and prompting reflection on its elements and challenges.

The characters are a significant part of the story’s charm and appeal. Parveen, as the main character, is noted for her strength and determination in confronting the existing system, reflecting her resolve to achieve freedom and justice. The reader feels empathy and encouragement towards her as she embodies a symbol of resilience and challenge. Meanwhile, other characters in the story add complexity to the plot with their multidimensional portrayals. This diversity enriches the tale with various psychological dimensions and deepens interactions, making the story more compelling and engaging.

Secondary characters play crucial roles in enriching the world Parveen inhabits and in the development of the plot. These characters are notably diverse, ranging from a complex family of pale-faced parents and young siblings who express their emotions differently, to characters like the guard who knows Parveen and tries to help her, and her friend Suhaila who appears to betray her in the end. This variety in secondary characters adds complexity to the events and enhances the story's intrigue, as they interact with Parveen in various ways and reveal different facets of her personality and the world she lives in.

The story addresses important and profound themes such as betrayal, sacrifice, and rebellion against the established system, reflecting the tensions and challenges faced by individuals striving for change in a world dominated by oppression and tyranny. The ongoing struggle between the individual and authority is highlighted, and the narrative explores how strong will and determination can play a crucial role in achieving change and justice.

Parveen emerges as a powerful embodiment of these values, demonstrating her strength and challenging the existing system. This inspires the reader and encourages reflection on similar issues in the real world. The writer's language and style are key elements in enriching the reading experience and enhancing the story's appeal. The author's descriptive and beautiful language, skilled sentence structuring, and careful word selection perfectly convey the events of the story, creating an atmosphere of mystery and tension that maintains reader engagement throughout.

In summary, this story is a significant literary contribution, combining expertly crafted literary elements with a powerful message that inspires deep reflection on various human and social aspects. The story remains captivating and engaging throughout, leaving a lasting impact on the reader.


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