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ART, A UTOPIC ABSTRACTION by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Art, A Utopic Abstraction

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Art depicts the raging storm residing in our core. Those suppressed emotions that ran out of control. Utopic abstraction, cascading hues brought into action. Like a Selenophile worshipping her Beloved Moon, finding the collateral beauty amidst the chaos. Beauty and madness depicted in a giant canvas, a symphony of colors, shapes, symbols, and texture. Where separateness leads to harmony and bliss once a masterpiece is born out of one's tireless passion. Art affects eternity. It is the very essence of being. For even the tiniest pebble on the shore can be part of a bigger picture, a lone pebble which adorns a canvas, brushstrokes giving life to what was once a blank page. Art makes one vulnerable to the madness of the world. It shocks the senses, calms the nerves, soothes a tired soul, mends the broken, quenches the thirst for truth. Art leads to utopia when one truly sees the hidden beauty beneath the abominable surface. Art not makes one only see inert charm but as well as teach him how to discover pure beauty in all forms.

'Fallen Hues' in Mixed Media

Art can be intuitive abstract when the artist taps into his creative intuition to produce a masterpiece. This gives the artist the liberty to express his innermost emotions through his play of varied hues and brushstrokes. According to some research, resorting to intuitive art can also help to overcome "art block." Also known as experimental art, it is devoid of any judgements for it is created from the artist's heart which is turned into feelings on blank canvas.

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