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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Artwork and Poem by Rohitashwani


In realms of nothingness, we search and roam,

Amid the stars, we find a cosmic home.

Yet midst the grandeur of the night's embrace,

Lies the absurdity of our human race.

Questions swirl like galaxies in our minds,

As suffering and existence intertwine.

Why do we bear the weight of life's cruel jest,

In a world where meaning's put to the test?

Through epochs past, philosophers have sought,

To fathom the essence of this life we've got.

From Sartre's gaze to Camus; sunlit shore,

They pondered existence's very core.

In voids of nothingness, we're bound to seek,

An answer to the questions that make us weak.

Why do we suffer, strive, and yearn for more,

When nothingness awaits behind the door?

Is life a tale told by an absurd mime,

A cosmic joke, unfolding through time?

Or does meaning dwell in our very souls,

As we navigate through life's varied roles?

Humanity's journey, a complex dance,

Between sorrow's grasp and fleeting chance.

Through joy and pain, we strive to find,

A purpose in a world both cruel and kind.

Yet in this search for answers, do we see,

That meaning's what we create, and what could be?

The absurdity lies not in life's design,

But in the questions we ask, oh so fine.

For suffering's thread is woven within,

The fabric of life, where struggles begin.

But purpose emerges when we choose,

To find meaning amidst the joy and bruise.

In nothingness, we question and explore,

Asking why existence leaves us wanting more.

But perhaps it's in the asking that we find,

A reason to live, in heart and mind.

So let us embrace the absurdity,

And carve our paths with purpose and glee.

For in this vast universe's expanse,

We find our place in each fleeting chance.

Dr. Rohitashwani is an author and artist from India, She is Ph.D. in English Literature with a deep passion for both writing and art. Her academic journey has led her through the intricacies of language and culture, while her creative side finds solace in painting and sketches, particularly within the realm of surrealism. Through her diverse pursuits, she strives to explore the complexities of the human experience and shares her unique perspective with the world.

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