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ARTWORK by Artist Ram Krishna Agarwal

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

ARTWORK by Artist Ram Krishna Agarwal

Artist Ram Krishna Agrawal is citizen of India. By profession, he is in Fashion Industry but by passion he is an Artist, a self-taught Painter. He loves to draw and paint. Though he is a science graduate yet time has brought him in Fashion trade. Painting is one of his biggest hobby- it’s his medication to heal him with the frustrations of world.

Creativity has no limit and he wants to be limitless. This art has turned up as his second profession now and trying to play with colors to make him much strong. Be it water, Oil or acrylic colors- he loves all these and spend his time happily.

India is a land of versatile culture and traditions. There are a variety of techniques and style of arts which are traditional and are famous too. He has seen these arts from the beginning and has made a strong impact in his mind.

He started doing abstract forms in the beginning as he was highly impressed with the works of Picasso, he does landscapes but now from last more than a year he is working on Indian folk and tribal arts like MADHUBANI and GOND. Madhubani is one of the India’s most famous traditional art and world knows it well.

He is working on these arts in modified way using water colors and micro tip pens, mixing new ideas, concepts with these two traditional arts with updated tools to promote it and to glorify INDIA. He has participated in numerous online and offline exhibitions and won several awards and recognition across the globe.

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