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ARTWORK by Zdenka Starcevic

Reflection on the Water

Zdenka Starcevic is an artist from Croatia, based in Rijeka. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka in mathematics and computer science. She has been actively engaged in painting since 2016. She continuously improves and develops her painting knowledge under the expert guidance of experienced painting mentors and at the painting workshops of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka or by participating in online art workshops.

She is an active participant in numerous art colonies in Croatia and abroad. She held two solo exhibitions, and exhibited at about thirty group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She is an active participant in international virtual exhibitions together with local and foreign artists. She is a member of the Art Group of the Community of Hungarians in Rijeka, the Croatian Parliament of Culture and the EU project Wom@rts for women artists, which aims to highlight and support the creativity of women in art.

She paints with acrylic on canvas, less often with dry pastel or pencil and charcoal, and her favorite motifs are motifs from nature and landscapes. With her paintings, colors and the magic of personal vision of the world around me, she wants to create and strengthen the spirit of understanding among people and point out that the world of art can belong to everyone.

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