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BEGGAR by Kumar Ghimire


Kumar Ghimire

A beggar, humble and meek,

Seeking just five rupees, 

his voice so bleak.

With quivering lips, pitifulness in his eyes.

ignores weight of societal disdain.

As hours trickle by, his plea does rise,

wrinkled, sun-burnt face 

beneath unforgiving skies.

In search of shade, from a merciful tree,

He yearns for solace, to set him free.

Cursed by fate, and destiny's cruel hand,

Neglected by gods, 

in a desolate land he is like the fern;

in Pipal's shadow, 

he persists, and

Hoping to quell the fire that exists.

To ease his hunger, his dreams to ignite,

He asks to , a humble light.

To the brother beggar, who asks of me,

I extend my hand, in solidarity.

Kumar Ghimire is a student of BBA at Nepal Business College affiliated to Lincoln University. He writes in Nepali and English language . His poems have been published in International Times, Spillwords, Greythoughts etc.

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