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BREAKING SHACKLES- A Poem by Rajiah Elango

Breaking Shackles

by Rajiah Elango

Her presence blooms, a symphony untold,

She breaks the shackles, unchains her soul,

With courage in her heart, so brave and bold.

In her eyes, a universe takes flight,

Galaxies dance, stars ignite,

A universe that knows no end,

With strength and grace, she'll surely transcend.

Her laughter, like a soothing breeze,

Melts walls of ice, sets hearts at ease,

Her touch, a balm for every wound,

In her embrace, serenity is found.

She carries stories, ancient and new,

Of triumphs, struggles, and breakthroughs,

Through trials faced, her spirit gleams,

Her voice, a melody that stirs,

An anthem of hope, it sweetly lures,

Her words, a tapestry, rich and pure,

Weaving tales of love that will endure.

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