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CHILDREN OF GAZA by Eva Petropoulou Lianou

Children of Gaza

Eva Petropoulou Lianou

One war and one day

The children in Gaza

They say the word



and after they say- Mom...

Children in Gaza

They have all tattoo

their names on their arms

because a day is too short

and maybe until the end of night 

they will become Angels...

There is a whole world

in the West Bank;

a kindergarden

that bad dragons attack...

Nobody helps

Nobody supports

Nobody cares...

The blood has become cold


in Gaza

in the homes

in the schools

in the streets

where the children used to play and laugh...

Bombs have destroyed the houses

children in Gaza are born heroes

from their mothers' bellies...

Children in Gaza

fight since they are born...

Do not dare close your eyes

in this unfair reality.

Don't close your eyes in this genocide.

Stand up for the children of


Eva Petropoulou Lianou is a well-known poet and writer from Greece and writes who writes literature for children.

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