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Cupid of your dreams by Dr. José Luis López

Cupid of your dreams

Dr. José Luis López

What a crush, how tasty!

having given that puncture to the heart

to be able to inject that passion

let the cure flow through the body

fill the blood with happiness

all that fire stitches health

so I will have to save everywhere

those who need love

I will fly free bringing peace!

while that unwanted germ

do not stay in those beings

stain, muddy, rot souls

because then there will be evil

so much that it will be irreparable

Anyway, I'll still be there.

puncturing, shooting at everything!

that is the mission of life

deposit the grain of hope

illusions shine with dreams

I will be alive in you, I am your owner!

unstoppable above all, my determination! of your dreams..

Dr. José Luis López is a poet from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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