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DANDELION-A Poem by Elemi Debbarma


By Elemi Debbarma

How fair are thou, soft and tender

That stands so low and humble

Not a word to passer by

Not a call, nor a cry, though you long so;

There I saw you one early morn And fell in love with you and still its strong,

Picking you up from the ground was a delight,

Easing your heart and bringing me a smile,

There, I blow you of your eternal bound.

The wind strengthen your wings,

Followed by a mirthful song.

Oh dandelion, my dandelion

Couldn’t you spare me a tiny ground

And let me put my moanful song

As the wind sets you blow

Let me set my wind on you today and thus

Experience my blissful song

Let's tie this friendship to a bond

And be one with Mother And thus sing our eternal song Before we are really gone,

Gone forever gone.

Elemi Debbarma is a resident of Tripura, one of the Northeast States of India. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Government Degree College, Kamalpur, Tripura.

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