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Dead Town- A Poem by Wayne Russell

Dead Town

Wayne Russell

Everything here is dead

in small town gloom, the

sparse population, hidden

underneath shadows; cast

by pyre like trees; devoid of

leaf or life.

The houses are miles apart,

some lie decomposing in

the valley; some upon

bedraggled hills.

Rusted pick-up trucks from

years past, fall into undeniable

disrepair; rocking chairs upon

dilapidated porches creak

in a frozen breeze.

There's no denying that winter

has found us, like a ghost in our

heart; it shall haunt us, always.

There's no mistaking that

everything here is dead too

the world at large; and we

are just vapors in the mist

of time; just slowly driving


Wayne Russell has been published in many zines, magazines, anthologies, both online and in print. In his spare time he likes to practice his guitar, sing, creative writing, and photography. Wayne has been nominated for one Pushcart Prize and one Best of the Net Award; his first full length poetry book Where Angels Fear can be purchased on Amazon, he has a second collection of poems due in early 2024 called Splinter of the Moon.

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