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After class, in the department, I leisurely stay,

Summer's heat lingers high, a story to convey.

Colleagues gather, diverse thoughts they bring,

Conversing on various topics, it's a lively fling.

Each one adds ideas, and the chatter takes the wing.

As politics takes the spotlight, hot flames ignite,

Debates on the next chief minister galore alight.

Fuelled by each voice, the discourse ensues,

Beneath the whirlwind of fans, no respite accrues.

The discussion turns on, with no end in sight, anew.

Amidst the fans' whirring and debates' buzzing noise,

Enter the Butterfly, darting through windows with poise.

Like a hero trespassing in a mafia don's den,

It murmurs, "Easy, guys! I won't harm anyone, and then,

I dont mind your politics”, capturing our attention again.

In the symphony of whirling fans, 'midst stares that glare,

It senses danger but dares to soar, defying the air.

With a swift hand, I rush to halt the fan's fierce whirl,

But into the blades, it ventures up and down, a daring twirl.

Colleagues await a tragic fall, yet it flaps its wings, unfurl.

Like a sentry, I opened the main door wide,

Waving my hands, urging the butterfly to glide.

Prompted by my gesture, it gracefully soared,

Before departing, it circled my forehead, adored.

As if giving Harathi, it flew away honoured.

Startled staff watched the butterfly flee with glee,

Like a cowboy from a crowded bar, to live and free.

They pondered the delicate creature's plight,

And questioned how I sensed its flight.

Mysteries lingered about its language, hidden from sight.

Butterflies speak with wings sway, in flights they confide,

Guided by wind, greenery, and light, they silently guide.

I offer them freedom, unlocking doors to the light,

No psychic am I, nor do I aware of their languages bright.

With a whispered "thanks," it departs, its gratitude with flight.

Lt. T. Venkata Ramana (T.V. Ramana) is working as a Lecturer in English, at Government College for Men(A), Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India. He has over two decades of teaching experience. Currently, he is working for his Ph. D. on K.V. Raghupathis works at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar State Open University, Hyderabad. He has participated in several seminars and conferences and presented papers. His articles have appeared in journals and books with ISBN. He is credited with having edited the book, The Poet Speaks: Interviews, Conversations, and Dialogues with K.V. Raghupathi (2023).

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Apr 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary writing Sir... excellent meaning..👌👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Thank you Ma'am

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