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Expulsion by Sajid Hussain


Sajid Hussain

Trembling anxiety with transient moments, 

Grabs tragic intensity of troubled inertness,

Transmuting touch in transfiguration tints,

With twofold bearing at twilight shadows,

In adorned style leaves behind pathetic rupture,

To imagine an irremediable and inevitable inference,

Tentative moment in thoughtful silence ,

Crushes my inward layers of feelings,

Toilsome route for my tortured gasp ,

At tideless depth with titanic force,

Tenses my attention for tender solitude,

The thorny pathway  having thronging images,

Blaze tormenting thoughts of tousled head, 

Torn asunder and thread bare sentiments,

With tearing gallop temper my pathos ,

Swarming population with swift transition ,

Peeps through sympathetic insight ,

Spectrum of the magnitude of sweeping purge,

Diversifies pulsating life at pursuing earnest,

Surprising intimacy of surly tone assumes posture ,

A swinging cadence of surging sensibility ,

With tacit assumption insures smiling repose.

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