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FINGERS OF A POEM by Taghrid Bou Merhi


Let the poem that does not embody the role of a poet depart!

Let it mimic assemblies of speech, and never cease to weep!

I tried to eat its tattered fingers, fearing that the paper could not bear the tears of its letters...

Before wings sprout for imitation,

I tried to see through its crippled imagination, and look out from the balcony of its incomplete questions.

The intensity of its screams astonished me, and I fell into the pool of metaphor, like an arrogant reader who swallows magic and pride, reciting incantations...

The images crafted in its own way would have been exquisite if not for the masks worn by the counterfeiters...

The imagination crowded with hunger, metaphysically blurred details, betrayed by black ink and crooked tears...

A silly melodrama, its biting letters falling one after another, soothing its night with the fingers of silence to be engulfed in a deep sleep.

Taghrid Bou Merhi, a Lebanese multilingual poet, writer, journalist and translator living in Brasil. She has authored 21books, a translator of 24 books to date, a presenter of 25 books. Taghrid is a children's story writer who also writes articles (56 articles), critical studies, and research. Her writings are part of several national and international magazines, newspapers, journals and anthologies( more than 60 Arabic books and more than 75 anthology internacional). Her poems have been translated into 47 languages, studied by literary critics, and featured on international radio stations.. She speaks six languages ( Arabic English Spanish Italian French And Portuguese ). She is an active member of various literary and creative platforms and editor of 10 Magazine Arabic.

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