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Freedom For All- A Poem by Dr. Sajid Hussain

Freedom For All   

 Dr. Sajid Hussain



Free hold at home is bless for free wish,

Where one likes a shift for oneself,

To go at large for one's own business,

To have free land for free dreams,

One's fling of flaring beams,

Non interference for one's own way,

To trade at home  to unchain the events,

To live and let live for unsubject,

Absolute right privilege is for liberal thinker,

Shakes the yoke of restraint to set  thralldom,

Life takes deep breath when one is at liberty,

All measuring takes pace at ease,

Neither fetters for living being nor any regime,

Afflict with severity to yield the reasons,

The greatness one may feel in moments of freedom,

Above all charm on the apex of feelings.


Aggression can't be enforced to restrain from freedom,

The sighs of freedom break the rocks of cruelty,

Veins which have blood of freedom circulate liberty,

Instinct by birth is hidden in everyone's potential,

Freedom is serenity of spirits to exercise free minds,

To reap a life for the noble cause of nations,

A delightful desire to release enjoyment with,

Trust, humour and moral in free atmospheres,

 Love of freedom effuses a choice of confidence,

Cultivating the glories with original theories,

While preserving identity the motto of sacred,

To ting with the romance of overflowing release,

The flag of freedom rears the songs of nobility,

To wind that banners of freedom sacrifices,

Look at every fiber of every despairing heart,

Who prayers for every remedy for his lost freedom.



Blackness of slavery dwells in dead soul,

Transition of life exiles the impulse of thrall,

Seeks thrill with expectancy for gown of  sovereignty,

Sick with dread having sob of laxity and,

Crisis of life  with extension of slavery,

On the haze of uncertainty meets with rebuke,

To seethe with sedition to justice the freedom,

Inspired with patriotism kindle the enthusiasm,

Inflame the souls for to sacrifice for freedom,

Pendulum of opinions for pageant existence,

Gets plea of urgency for pride of life,

In preserved a chance gets period of attitude,

To release pearls of fortune in delight,

Pangs of regret shake with shame,

To play its expression in fancy of woven mind,

Phase of belief in presumption of doubts,

Touches the pinnacle of favour to page out desolation,

Nightingale of freedom in the mist of critical season,

Modes the tranquility of motives of privilege,

Having licence of sweet melody for freeland,

Makes insignia of authority for subject of autonomy.


Globally published, recognized, acclaimed, awarded, appreciated and featured, Dr. Sajid Hussain hails from Pakistan. He is a well-educated  and multidisciplinary Poet, Admin and ambassador of many poetry groups , author of many books. He achieved membership of World Nation Writers’ Union, Kazakhistan and  Camara Internacional de Escritores and Artistas (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) based in Spain appointed him as the President for the CIESART Headquarters in Pakistan. Awarded with Shahitya Pata, on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of National Poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazural Islam and The Rabindranath Tagore Memorial literary Honours by Motivational Strips with joint association of Department of Culture, Government of Seychelles from India.

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