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Maid Corbic

There is hope behind the corner of an old building

The light that illuminates the path of the future

And we should never be sad

When we know that it is hiding behind every corner

A new story of our existence and truth

Love should be forever in ourselves

I always and readily share it with everyone

Because without it the world could not survive

And I am moving forward with traces of hope

Not to drift away from the world of tales of evil

Doctors who help people around us

They try to make others happy because they always do

When pain comes to your door

I remember how hard it is to be a doctor

Because I wanted to realize that dream

Because I'm different from the majority, I couldn't

To achieve my dream, but that's why I believe

That one day someone will be different

More ready for challenges because Greek doctors

They are Apollos and medicine for the world

And I look at the gloomy sky behind a building

Everything can become a dream one day

Only if it is worked on

And mine is to be a doctor!

Maid Corbic comes from Tuzla. He is 24 years old and comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his spare time, he writes poetry that has been praised and awarded on several occasions. He also likes to help others around him, and is a member of the WLFPH for World Unity and Peace. He is currently the editor of the First Balkan Artistic Universe portal headed by Dijana Uherek Stevanović, and the selector of several competitions on that page, which aims to connect all poets around the world.

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