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Happiness- A Poem by P. K. Panda


P. K. Panda

Who do you wait for

to bring you the cart loaded of happiness?

none is there and none is at far distance seen

to tire for you and bleed

to carry you it

unbroken and in plenty

it's not in the treasure trove

that buries inside the mountain's deep cave

or lies under the ocean's mighty wave

it's not the richness in another's pocket

that you always envy for

or it's in the wealth you've kept in store

that often swells from its very core

even you won't get it from your father's hand

who watches you high above the Karmic land

rather it's the only psychic trend

where your mind alone holds the magic wand

so start seeing things through the eyes of your soul

and feel how it does in every paltry detail extol

search it rather in petty little things

there like the scent to a flower it clings

and flickers in them like a minuscule spark

that passes away so soon and leaves no mark

gather ye rose buds while ye may

ere the winter's cold hands on them lay

with her every laugh

while your beloved lilts

or with his every talk

while your child lisps

gather ye there while ye may

ah! there does it lie and there it does so thinly sway;

also gather it from the brook that in the deepest part lilts

while the moon listens to it for hours before it westward tilts

or gather it from every glint of the morning sun

that spreads it's golden hues on the dew-strewn lawn

keep aside all your anger and ego, and alone you rise

and see how happiness in you like the metre of taxi does rise.

Prafulla K. Panda (MA, M. Phil, Ph. D) is an Indian poet who hails from Odisha, India. A Lecturer by profession and a poet by passion, he has been ardently writing about love and human relation; about life and death; about nature and societal issues. He has published his poems in various national and international anthologies, magazines and online platform, too. Some of his poems have been highly acclaimed and adjudged as the award winning pieces. He has edited an inter-continental anthology of poems, Beyond the Horizon.

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