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Danijela Ćuk

There is only one homeland and it lives in the heart,

love for him does not die, no,

golden plains and rich fields,

but everything in the soul remains forever.

My hometown Slavonia is called,

her cornfields feed the people all,

who hasn't been in it at least once,

he doesn't know what he missed.

Humble little woods and rich scents,

the ones you won't find anywhere,

the sound of the rooster that wakes people up at dawn,

it means a lot in the heart of Slavonac.

The golden corn that the host plants,

and glorious fields that beckon the gaze, oh yes,

that plain has so much beauty,

because my homeland is Slavonia.

And the sounds of happy tambourines,

they are really special

it is enough to hear them

so you wonder...

Is there such beauty anywhere,

what your homeland gives you,

I'm not in Slavonia anymore,

but she is in my soul and lives in it.

This is my homeland, the one that cannot be forgotten,

cheerful colors of the golden plain,

the tireless work of every man who lives by it

but who always has a smile on his face.

Slavonia, I carry you in my heart,

and I will carry you as long as I live,

your scents and golden fields,

because you are my homeland, whose song is forever dreaming in my heart.

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