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I FEEL WARM THERE- A Poem by Dervisa Grabus Colakovic

I Feel Warm There

by Dervisa Grabus Colakovic, USA

Can I ask you the truth tell me

Dal will be sad as it will be for you.

If I ever walk out of your life,

Can you ever come to terms with that?

Do you want to remember what used to be,

When I was in your veins.

That's why it's hard for me if I ever leave,

To leave you alone I am afraid of that.

We were one soul in two bodies,

They were related like the moon and the stars.

I could never leave you

And fledgling like a bird from a warm nest.

I feel warm there because love warms me,

I enjoy it, I think you feel it too.

Who would be a sinner to do that to us,

Could you tear our souls apart.

I think I wouldn't let you either,

Because you also found the medicine in me.

You were sent by someone who rules everything,

You know that our paths were separated.

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