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Inconceivable by Dr. José Luis López


Dr. José Luis López

Puerto Rico

There are times I don't feel my truthful existence of this world, is like I don't know how those citizens would rationalize correctly, because my perception is not alike theirs. Probably the scene we are going to live is not adapted to the behavior of the mankind.

I have to feel frightened and frustrated with the information surrounding me, I don't have the right weapons to make the decision appropriately.  Sometimes I want to run out and disappear, because I can't believe neither accept the fact these people are not thinking about whom we are at all.

There are circumstances you have no absolute confidence neither control of the attitudes of the people who have not been doing anything to solve the situation. I feel completely, inconceivable, and out of service, for the debacle that we as humans are provoking without any consequences.

YES, I have to get out of this revolting and unthinkable episode I can't believe it's occurred. I feel unadaptable for all the disgusting things I have watched and seen.

Truly, I feel encaged inside this gruesome scenery I have no solution for escape.

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