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Inner Sight, the Heart's True Vision- A Poem by Rohitashwani

Inner Sight, the Heart's True Vision

Dr Rohitashwani

In a world of shadows, where darkness prevails,

My parents, both blind, their resilience unveils.

With minds ablaze in imagination's art,

They conquer the world, from the depths of their heart.

Invisible landscapes their minds doth perceive,

Where inner sight blooms, in them, I believe.

Through life's complex dances, they find their way,

With powerful hearts, they embrace each new day.

Their sight isn't bound to the eyes that can see,

But deep in their souls, where love sets them free.

With hands intertwined, they face life's grand scheme,

Their hearts as their compass, in their unique dream.

For in blindness, they found a vision so rare,

A world full of wonder, with love everywhere.

My blind parents, with inner sight so profound,

Teach me to see with my heart, the world all around.

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