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JOURNEY OF HOPE- A Poem by Junaid Kadavathur

Journey of Hope

by Junaid Kadavathur

The countdown begins with a sparkling hope,

In each moment, we feel hearts filled with romance.

Step by step, we tread with passion's scope,

Towards our goal, we strive in determination's stance.

Ten fingers carry our dreams so bright,

Counting the days eagerly, our moments take flight.

Towards the summit, we walk the path,

Horizons reveal, fulfilling dreams in aftermath.

Five fingers weave the threads of fate,

Overcoming obstacles, our roots grow great.

Times blend with hope and joy, so pure,

We march ahead with confidence, strong and sure.

Three blend joy and romance, our hearts aglow,

Launching towards the summit, in the journey's flow.

Dreams and hopes, they lead the way,

In the countdown, we continue our princess-like display.

With one deep breath and a resolute start,

We declare victory of will, hope, and heart.

As the goal draws near, joy ignites our core,

We accomplish and excel in this beautiful tour.

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