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JUST LOVE? by Harshita Agarwal


Harshita Agarwal

It would be better if you stay here tonight. Woods are perhaps better than people you don’t know now, have made a distance on the bed, don’t share dinner, dreams and the star count with. Togetherness with them might seem like a dream, right? I hope not a nightmare because, unlike a dream which goes away when found another, it keeps coming back- haunts you for the new isn’t the old, perhaps can never be.

Sit and question yourself- in the water pond, talk to the other beloved you share the ‘only forever’ bond with until you know what made the dreamy reality a nightmare. Before I excuse you, let me just inform you that don’t pluck the flowers here, you might hurt yourself and the forest as well because they are the heart of it. What‘s the world without its heart?

Heart is life, yours is now empty of. Of belief, attachment, love, dependence. I mean, that’s my definition of the life of all beings; perhaps this is why we invest our precious emotions into people and relationships. Try and know when, why, and where you emptied your heart of all these possessions you built and strengthened with them for all these years or days or moments. It’s not just water, my dear, that caused the birth of this flower. Recall the other elements, and you will know it’s not just love that is required. It can never be just love…

Harshita Agarwal is primarily a literature student, but a poet at heart, she tries to bring peace to people in whatever ways possible through her words. She believes in magic, manifestation, love, colours and slamming the door at patriarchy. Currently a Podcaster at A Moment, A Moment More, with Harshita.


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