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LABOUR- A Poem by Pedro Lopes Adão

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


Pedro Lopes Adão

Translated by Cláudia da Cunha Azevedo

Salt – that drops off the face

in unbridled sweats and pour


down the back:

you make my lips desirable!,

wrapping me in them

as if everything in me were certain and reflective.

Pedro Lopes Adão (Porto, Portugal) began his writing career at the age of 15, beginning his journey with poetry which later extended to literary criticism. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with various cultural dissemination media, such as Devaneio magazine, of which he is a member of the editorial team, Comunidade Cultura & Arte, Revista Kametsa, Revista Mirada, Ruído Manifesto etc. After joining the Faculty of Arts at the University of Porto, he was invited to make himself known in Revista Alegre and to be part of the anthology "110 Years, 110 poets" (org. Isabel Morujão). In the meantime, he has already published: Palavra em Queda, ed. Glaciar (2022) and Os Amorosos & Os Diados, ed. Lema d'Origem (2023), Ars Longa, Vita Brevis, ed. Glacier (2023). He recently organized and coordinated the book Some essays on what? – In honor of Ana Luísa Amaral, ed. Motto of Origin (2023).

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Cláudia Azevedo
Cláudia Azevedo
Dec 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a great poem. Thank you to you, Glitterati, for publishing the poem and thank you to the author, Pedro Lopes Adão, for trusting in me to translate it and giving me the opportunity to work with him again!

- Cláudia da Cunha Azevedo

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