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LOVE AND PAIN by Jose Luis Lopez, Puerto Rico

Love and Pain

By Jose Luis Lopez, Puerto Rico

What is love? What is love?

Love is an inherent feeling of every individual who is born, it is showing affection, humanity, empathy, suffering, and also rectifying. When you preach love, all the words come together. Why? It is defined as that human being who pours his senses towards his neighbor.

Now, that antagonist, pain. What is pain? It is the adverse response of feelings. There is crying, emotional breakdown, depression, unsustainable emptiness, it is basic like inflicting an unhealthy touch that causes destruction of humanism.

When Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, the nails broke his palms so that he could adhere to the wood. Any sharp device that opens the skin causes pain and burning. Laboratory technicians must break the skin to extract the blood sample using the syringe.

In short, any inhuman action that endangers the life of others causes pain. Wars, there is destruction of lives, because there is a conflict carried out by social differences.

In everything we do, daily, we experience both feelings. And, each person is a promoter of their attitudes for the benefit of their environment, or, being the architect of villains with hitman minds who do not accept reality, who do not analyze their results and feed on power.

This is our existential system, and this is how we must live on this earth.

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