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Love sickens! by Dr. José Luis López

Love sickens!

Dr. José Luis López

Puerto Rico

This might read rebellious and out of anyone's mind, but sometimes, or, many circumstances, love stinks!

Yes, I'm gay, always been, and I have seen the cruel environment of the what manhood could behave towards the "love" concept.

I know we have had scenarios where children were sexually abused, woman were raped, and even elderly were also physically abused.

I know this is a result of home education and the contaminated society of nowhere future, and every step we have given, we experienced the unexpected situation where the "love" is not adapted correctly and the people accepted this show "magnificent" to be everyday applicable.

And the corrected exposure to "love" is not the perspective righteous individuals to be role models of the appropriate teaching of the term "love".  The meaningful word "love" is humanism, compassion, and empathy, which nowadays that is not available nobody.

If you as well individuals who have been infected of unwanted episodes of sexuality abused or raped, this won't escape from the memory.  I'm witnessed one, because I was victim of it. Surely I made silent the case, because it's very private circumstance, and I have to let live with it or delete it from the past.

Anyhow, I have to decide to be loved or happy from who I am, indistinctively what society dictates to have my own book of living.

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