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Memories are leaving me by Aziz Mountassir

Memories are leaving me

Aziz Mountassir

In the chambers of my mind, where dreams do dwell,

There once resided memories, stories to tell.

Each one a gem, a precious, shining light,

Now they slip away, fade into the night.

Oh, how they danced, those moments divine,

Wrapped in laughter, in love's sweet design.

But time, relentless, its march takes its toll,

And memories, once vivid, now begin to fold.

Like petals of a flower, they drift away,

Leaving me yearning, longing to stay.

In the embrace of nostalgia, I find solace sweet,

But the echo of their absence, it cuts deep.

I cling to them fiercely, as if I could defy,

The inevitable truth that they'll say goodbye.

But like sand through fingers, they slip away,

Leaving me with emptiness, at the end of the day.

Yet in their departure, a bittersweet grace,

For they've etched upon my soul, left their trace.

They've shaped who I am, in ways unseen,

And though they depart, they'll forever gleam.

For in the tapestry of life, they're woven deep,

Each memory a thread, a promise to keep.

So though they may part, from this earthly plane,

In my heart, they'll forever remain.

And so I bid adieu, to those memories dear,

With gratitude and love, I hold them near.

For though they may leave, they'll never truly depart,

For they've become a part, of my beating heart.

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