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MOTHER'S FACE by Kuma Raj Subedi


Kuma Raj Subedi

My mother is a nymph

With bright lit up face,

Descended to lift up

Her round face-

Big enough to hold  skies and vale’s

Which I see my nation-

Her wrinkles demarcate the boundaries 

Scars-the sacrifices of martyrs

Small nose stud,

Yet magnanimous like herself in nature

Shines the culture .

Sweat beads rundown her forehead

Diminish the  volumes 

Of Karnali and Narayani 

When she toils in her field 

In scorching summer,

Sitting on a mound, I observe 

She throws her winks

Smiling I gaze and gaze

Until I see deep seas and mountains.

Both get fatigued as the sun goes down 

When I sit on her lap

She sighs

As gently as the evening breeze

Stroking my hair

Energizing my being 

Smiles again when I face her up 

Hiding the grief

As if she did not toil.

Blinding beauty of bold countenance 

No judge at pageant could judge

Let alone the walks

When trudge down the green fields

Curly hair strands 

Fanning her face 

Attract me more

To take a deep look inside

Losing myself in her 


My mother’s face is 

My safe heaven

Where seasons dance playfully 

And so do I.

Kuma Raj Subedi, MA / MTESL, is a lecturer and the Australian poet and translator. His numerous creations have been published on various print and online platforms: online and in print, such as Misty Mountain Review, Indian Review, Muse India, Aksharang, The Gorkha Times, Of Nepalese Clay, The Indian Periodical, Nepalnamcha, Poetishes, The Offline Thinker, Setopati, Poeticia, The Rising Junkiri, Sahitya Sangraha, The Writer’s Cafe etc. He often writes about issues such as women’s suffering, memories, religion, nature, migration, love and culture. He has been awarded as the Best Poet of the Event in the International Nazarul Poetry Festival 2023 in Bangladesh.

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