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MY FATHER, MY KNIGHT by Diana Kamyabizadeh



Diana Kamyabizadeh


On this day of your birth, my dearest father of the age,

In April’s arms, Farvardin 15th, blessings are on stage,

A moment I took, pondered your gentle graces,

Pedare khoobe man, Behtarin babaye Donya, baba Janam,

Your kindness, it dwells everywhere.


Every morning, as I woke, readying for school,

You equip me with almonds and walnuts of love,

All the nutrients I need to in order to grow,

Cashews of care tucked in my pocket, a comforting sight.


You taught me to ride, to quell my fears,

With you by my side, no room for tears.

Together we watched thrillers, fear not at all, why shall I?

For you were there, my father, my knight.


In Mehrshahr, where we reside,

The winter’s chill defied by your warm breath.

Strong, brave, courageous, as a father stands,

When I was studying, you kept the world warm and silent.


Nothing was distracting, it was me and my books,

You paid tutors to come home, help me more,

When I fell behind, no blame on my scores.

No anger, ever enticed, in your gaze,

In your presence, I just amaze.


The best chef, the world has seen,

Your, spaghetti, macaroni, rare cuisine,

Baghali Ghatogh, Lahijan’s yummiest delight.

God bless you, dad, my world, my light.


I tell mom when she calls, our bond so tight,

At midnight, in prayer, I speak to divine’s might,

He knows all, in His wisdom, He’ll intertwine.


God bless you, Dad, my hero, my guide,

In high school now, with you by my side.

Mother agrees, holds you in high esteem,

you are a good man, Dad, in every heart, you gleam.


Your daughter, Diana, in her sweet sixteen,

Wrote this poem for you, a love-filled scene.

Please treasure this gift, though tiny it may seem,

Words from my beating heart, flowing like a stream.

Diana Kamyabizadeh, a sixteen-year-old prodigy, is currently honing her academic prowess at a prestigious high school. Her talents extend beyond the classroom, encompassing both artistic and athletic pursuits. She has a particular affinity for the sciences, with Chemistry and Biology being her subjects of choice. In addition to her academic interests, Diana is a versatile individual with a wide range of hobbies. She is an avid swimmer, finding solace and strength in the rhythm of the strokes. Her creative side is expressed through her poetry, where she weaves words into meaningful verses. Her artistic skills are further showcased in her paintings and drawings, each piece a testament to her imagination and technique. Music also plays a significant role in Diana’s life. Her melodious singing can captivate any audience, and her piano playing skills add another dimension to her musical repertoire. In essence, Diana Kamyabizadeh is a multi-talented individual with a passion for learning and a zest for life.

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