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MY OVERSIGHT by Kathirina Susanna Tati


 Kathirina Susanna Tati





listening and providing support,

are my greatest mistakes.


I thought you were a true friend,

a place where I comfortably vent,

where my sorrowful tears flow,

where I lean when my shoulders

are heavy with the world's troubles,

it was a huge oversight on my part.


Without me realizing,

I was actually exposing my flaws

for him to turn into a tale,

mocking and cursing,

my dignity is ridiculed,

he is like a two-faced person!


How bloody this feeling is,

this heart is shattered,

I thought you were a true friend,

but it turns out you had a pair of scissors ready,

you had a knife tucked away,

to stab me from behind!

Susanna Tati, born in Kota Kinabalu in August 1958, has written 19 novels for adults, children, short stories and poetry. She has also published 15 anthologies of short stories and poems. Kathirina has been awarded the Sabah Literary Prize in 1996/1997, 2016/2017 and 2019/2020. In addition to writing, Kathirina is also active in cultural performances of Kadazandusun ethnic songs.

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