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NOTHING- A Poem by Eva Petropoulou Lianou


Eva Petropoulou Lianou, Greece

Nothing belongs to us

We are free

We are the captain of our soul

Nobody can say this or that 

and you must execute.

Nobody belongs to us

We are choosing according to our feelings

Our thoughts

Our beliefs

Our stomach..

The most a person make you laugh

The more you want to be with him or her

We are nobody

We are nothing

More than a butterfly

Or than a bee..

We are no creators but small ants

Or cigals

Or wolves 

Show respect


But no trust..

Trust your instinct

Trust your heart

We are nothing more than a fly

We are nothing more than a bird

Laugh with your heart

Love your inner soul

And put your frequency high

Touch the stars

Make a wish

Stay like a happy child.


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