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PALESTINIAN CHILDREN-Poem by Francesco Favetta

Palestinian Children!

Francesco Favetta

Countless times

these silent voices

they were drowned

inside the caves of the world

and also late on the lips

they were never released

in the alleys of time.

Always mutilate in hearts

the innocent voices of children

I'm still here in the dark

and they scream the pain in the words

heavy as hammers

their fate remains written

in death which is the due end.       

The Poet Francesco Favetta was born in the land of Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, food for the soul: culture is Freedom, it is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Motion, not should never be harnessed!

In 2018 he was awarded the Academician of Sicily by the Accademia di Sicilia. He has been published in various anthologies and magazines.

He founded a theater company in Sciacca: "Theatrum Socialis Sciacca", and a Lions Club, "Sciacca Terme". He is convinced that Poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will set its life free, and furthermore that Beauty will always be a truth, which will never be buried: from the times and events of daily human life!   

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