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PHOENIX- a Gogyoshi poem by Barbara Anna Gaiardoni


It will rise

From the ashes

Of other stars


Must obey



Dalle ceneri

Di altre stelle

La Natura

Deve obbedire

Barbara Anna Gaiardoni is winner of the First Prize 2023 “Zheng Nian Cup” and of the Edinburgh “Writings Leith” contest. Her Japanese-style poems has been published in The Mainichi, Asahi Haikuist Network, The Japan Society UK and in one hundred and seven international journals. They are been translated on Japanese, Romanian, Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi, French, Chinese and in Spanish languages. Drawing, swimmer and walking in nature are her passions. "I can, I must, I will do it.” her motto.

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Simonetta Pancotti
Simonetta Pancotti
15 thg 12, 2023
Đã xếp hạng 5/5 sao.

Meraviglioso e nel mio segreto vivere tanto auspicabile, con tutto il cuore ed il buon senso umano!!❣️

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