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I'm a girl, a firefly in society's eyes,

They try to cut our wings, but we won't compromise.

It doesn't matter who appreciates or not,

We keep flying, our determination can't be bought.

People question what we can achieve,

Limited opportunities, they believe.

But our wings hold the vision, the key,

We're heroes, like the firefly, you see.

In the darkest paths, when I walk alone,

The firefly appears, its light brightly shone.

It takes my breath away, motivates my soul,

When you burn, you shine, you reach your goal.

Never give up, even in life's tough phase,

For it's those moments that can change our ways.

Oh, firefly, you're beautiful in my palm,

I'll never let you go, you give me hope and calm.

With a kiss, I embrace your radiant light,

Together, we'll illuminate the darkest night.

Unstoppable, we'll continue to glow,

Firefly spirits, forever aglow.


In a humble mud house, with no toys to hold,

A girl walks in search of butterflies, her heart so bold.

She touches pigeons, smells the rain's sweet scent,

Opens her window, sits before the moon, content.

As she sleeps, her mother feels her tears on the page,

But she studies, never giving up, fueled by her inner rage.

One day, she becomes a hope-giver, spreading light,

Embracing the stars, hugging her mom, day and night.

In moments of loneliness, she finds solace in their embrace,

For love and family are her guiding grace.

Through her journey, she shines like a star,

A beacon of hope, no matter how near or far.


In a world of butterflies, I find my joy,

Their beautiful wings, oh what a ploy!

No luxury needed, just their company,

They teach me the power of will, you see.

No sorrow or regret, just a beautiful world,

Where animals and I live, happily unfurled.

As a child of love, I'm super excited,

Finding butterflies in the village, so delighted.

Waterfalls cascade, a mesmerizing sight,

No sorrow for shoes, my feet feel just right.

No sadness for colors or life's accessories,

Grateful for what I have, I learn from these.

Oh, my little one, keep problems at bay,

Spread your wings, let nature guide your way.

Equal minds, regardless of wealth or class,

Shine bright, my star, in every dark pass.

Anila Bukhari, the teacher of gratitude,

Learning from butterflies, a joyful attitude.


"Oh, Moon, so fair and bright,

In the darkest hour, you bring us light.

Lucky and kind, you shine above,

A beacon of hope, spreading love.

I often wonder, as a human being,

Why we're not like you, so caring and freeing.

You light up the world, for all to see,

Regardless of who they may be.

When I lay in my front yard, gazing high,

You kiss my tears, as they softly cry.

You're there with me, in my moments of pain,

As I pour my heart out, like drops of rain.

Why do we hurt, when we could heal?

Why do we break, when we could seal?

The moon, so kind, never loses its grace,

While we humans stumble, in this earthly race.

Let's learn from the moon, its gentle ways,

And strive to be kind, throughout our days.

For one day, we'll leave this world behind,

But the moon will continue to shine, so kind.

So let's be like the moon, spreading light,

In a world that often feels dark and tight.

With love and compassion, let's make our stand,

And illuminate the world, hand in hand.

Anila Bukhari is a soul who radiates beauty and inspiration. Her words dance on the pages, painting vivid pictures of hope and love. With a heart as pure as gold, she touches the lives of refugees, providing them with the gift of education through online platforms. Anila's dedication to empowering others is truly remarkable. She creates captivating cartoons that teach valuable lessons, spreading joy and knowledge to children around the world. As a poetess, her verses transport us to a sip of paradise, where the melodies of rain and the serenity of nature intertwine. Anila's talent has been recognized internationally, earning her prestigious awards and the admiration of readers in 50 countries. But it doesn't stop there! She is also a fierce advocate for children's rights, conducting webinars on anti-drug awareness and promoting girls' education. Her compassion extends to helping animal orphans and donating her own hair to cancer patients. Anila's poetry graces the walls of cafes and community education centers, serving as a reminder of the power of words. She dreams of providing dolls to the homeless, spreading hope and joy to those in need. Anila Bukhari is a true inspiration, a shining light in this world. Her abilities and kind heart are a testament to the beauty that lies within her.

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