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POEMS by Arsinoi Zengo Kallco


The world is most scary,

A world of trouble, grey and cloudy,

It’s all I see.

People walking around with their head down,

Everyone seem utterly bewildered,

No bread, no meal on their table,

Ah, only their suffering souls!

Sleep calls, as night falls gently,

The knife runs over some dried steaks,

A hungry child cries, his stomach is empty,

“Dear Mom, give me bread, just a little bit!

The poor orphan, a fatherless child,

He needs to grow up and work hard,

Nothing, no one and no where to go,

He just grabs the ax cutting some twigs,

No more school, no more homework,

No more tests, ah this misshaped world!

Just cheer up, speak up, and speak out,

Please, do not abandon the poor’s,

Show your humanity and love,

You, statesmen and the forever riches,

Give to those, who’re forced to flee this land!

In the other world, what should you confess?

Hell could no longer hold your soul,

Just run, and catch the time,

And give to those, with no mouth!

Me too, I want to learn more,

Like my folks, I search for

A warm hearth, where

I may read the books,

And then,

Thank you forever and ever!


In the labyrinths of my heart,

The more I’ve sought you

I, the pursued, who madly ran,

In love with stars and the night,

But then …then I just slowed down!

The skies just opened up, as never been,

We felt being stripped of our feelings,

Riding over the golden horseshoes,

You and me were meant,

The king and queen of that night!

Love dancing with me again,

Our lips together, close together,

I will love you…love you forever,

Let them say, she’s a crazy one!

I made peace with God, that night,

I just said: “God, if my love is a sin,

Then let me die, if I must,

Please forgive me, God!

Forever I will love him, no matter what!


I’ve grown a lot over the years,

I wish I could stop the time,

To bring back the sweetness

Of those years,

To open again, the gates of my heart!

A crying child that stutters,

Mom’s tears, as waiting up for him,

The wrinkles in the daddy’s forehead,

The sweat drops like waterfall stream.

Grandmother bent on the knees,

With a bundle of twigs on her back,

Grandfather holding a cane in his hand

“Grandpa’s girl, hurry up! It’s getting too late”.

Clock hands spinning so fast,

Today mom and Dad fled to a foreign land,

My grandpa, who repeatedly said me to “hurry up”,

He’s gone and never came back,

Maybe it’s time, he did!

I’ve grown up over the years,

I saw my kids growing up so slowly,

The old rusty gate was left open,

And Grandpa’s cane,

It’s still hanging on the wall!


My youth’s gone with spring,

The souls wandering around,

A call of longing for beauty

The girl becomes a woman!

Hey beautiful youth,

Take my hand, now and forever,

Let’s smile and laugh together,

Don’t try to run and hide from me,

Don’t forget, I was even

Your precious one!

Don’t you remember, when

You loved combing my hair,

A floral dress wearing me,

Sweetly singing over my shoulder,

And caressing my tender skin!

Hey, beautiful youth,

You know, how I remember you,

With a guitar on my lap,

And strum on its strings,

The verses of Poet, I’d still sing!

It said that youth remains

Hidden in the soul,

And I believe this,

If you don’t sing for love, feel,

As you didn’t live the youth…

Hey, beautiful youth… beautiful youth!


I told you to come with spring,

When the birds build nests

In the morning, when sun starts to rise,

And the flowers dance in the breeze…

I wish the silent dances,

Together hand in hand

With the thirst quenched wet lips,

Nectar of love, we drink…

Thought, you’re coming with spring,

When the echo be heard in the mountains,

Where the rivers happily roared,

Sung love ballads over centuries!

I became a butterfly, always being first,

With my arms wide open,

Nothing could stop me, even the night,

That falls around us,

Living the magic of the fire nights,

As golden roses that bloom in spring…

(Translated in English: Rajmonda Moisiu)

The lyrical poetess Arsinoi Zengo Kallco was born in Dardhë of Korça (Albania). Passion for art, literature and poetry has transformed Arsinoi into a lyrical poet admired by poetry lovers of all ages. “Love and some raindrops” is her first book of mostly sentimental and lyrical poems. Arsinoi’s poetry explores the complexities of love and drunk on love, through the poetess’ reflections on the world around her. Arsinoi’s connection to the human world and the natural world serves as a metaphor for her emotional experiences.

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