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POEMS by Diana Kamyabizadeh




Oceans, vast and wide!

Galaxy, limitless, timeless, dateless!

yet poor, pitiful

When compared to you.


You transcend utter beauty.

Did you know that?

Confess you did!

The allure of a delicate butterfly

Cannot even compare to the peerless beauty,

Deep within you,

Inborn, innate, inherent.


Diana Kamyabizadeh

(Translated by Farzaneh Haratyan)





Have you beheld the sky at night?

Illuminated with moonlight! Bright!

yet the earth is dark,

Immersed in silence.


Nighttime now!

Earth is watching the sky.

Seated still, soundless,

To hear the narratives the sky tells,

Those taming, captivating tales.

Who knows?

Maybe tonight is the time to hear,

The story of your eyes.


Diana Kamyabizadeh

(Translated by Farzaneh Haratyan)







Inhale the light!

Absorb the warmth!

Breathe The Almighty in!


Let him run through the red rivers in your veins.

Run through your every cell,

Your every part, your every particle and portion.

Beware of what is flowing in you,

In that mystic universe within you!


What you carry within each and every day

In cells, particles, portions.

It forms you piece by piece,

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe God in.


Diana Kamyabizadeh

(Translated by Farzaneh Haratyan)

Diana Kamyabizadeh, a sixteen-year-old prodigy, is currently honing her academic prowess at a prestigious high school. Her talents extend beyond the classroom, encompassing both artistic and athletic pursuits. She has a particular affinity for the sciences, with Chemistry and Biology being her subjects of choice. In addition to her academic interests, Diana is a versatile individual with a wide range of hobbies. She is an avid swimmer, finding solace and strength in the rhythm of the strokes. Her creative side is expressed through her poetry, where she weaves words into meaningful verses. Her artistic skills are further showcased in her paintings and drawings, each piece a testament to her imagination and technique. Music also plays a significant role in Diana’s life. Her melodious singing can captivate any audience, and her piano playing skills add another dimension to her musical repertoire. In essence, Diana Kamyabizadeh is a multi-talented individual with a passion for learning and a zest for life.


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