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POEMS by Dibran Fylli


On the moonless night

Let's talk about school grades

Tidying up the assignment line

with the theme for love.

As in a dream

Under your body my eye slipped

In the oasis Strait stopped

There in the glowing ocean

in the restless night.

The stars in the sky move in bursts

The moon turned red and began

A night as long as a century.

The darkness of the night

like an arrow kills.

I look at your brown hair

with the braid behind the back

In the oasis of the Strait

This moonless night

I don't hesitate to drown.

in the scorching ocean...


I'll look for you there

Where love never ceases to exist 

And relax there

Where we wrote love letters;

I'll look for you there

Where the sun rises but reluctant to set

For a steady romantic walk 

And pluck flowers on the beautiful meadows;

I'll look for you there

Where the picturesque mountains 

Like to host eternal lovers like You and Me 

And dance in the freshness of the breeze 

When only the leaves rustle;

You know, 

I was absolutely amazed while waiting for you In all the places I loved to be there 

And my soul got invaded 

By the awesome silence of the green fields

Among the witnessing poppies;

I wonder, 

The night took me away 

In its lap all of a sudden 

And I cherish the memories 

That's only yours and mine 

Your smiling face leads the show

As it had been as always before 

I can never forget you

Be it today 

Be it tomorrow

As I love to remember you 

Ever forever!

Dibran Fylli was born in Kosovo. He is a director, actor, poet, writer, Academician, Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious international magazine Orfeu. Dibran Fylli has won many awards. He fought with (UCK), the Army for the liberation of Kosovo from the Serbs who killed many women, children and elderly people. He was seriously injured. He wrote the book translated into 9 languages ​​for the Great Martyr Commander of the UCK Adem Jashari. Dibran Fylli has made many films as a director and actor.

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