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POEMS by Farzaneh Haratyan

Updated: May 5



Pain, a sort of soreness,

A gnawing affliction, a relentless suffering,

An anguish, an agony, an ache that stings.

A toil that tortures, a throb that troubles.

Bitterly biting, sour, surly, sullen.


No way to flee from pain.

Permeating, pervading pain

Unavoidable, inevitable, inescapable!


A sure thing that is bound to befall,

Today or tomorrow, any day at all!

It walks with you side by side, breath by breath, arm in arm

Fated, ordained, destined, universal, global.

For you, for me, for all.



Spring splashes sensations, as they dance,

Radiating lights, in a trance.

Green trees around spread romance,

As winds from North to South prance.


Pinkish-purple hues catch the glance,

Barely seen in a fleeting chance.

If not paid attention as they advance,

Spring sky, oceanic blue, expands in expanse.


Lands on tones of green and yellow,

Pigments of rainbow, a colorful bellow

Lurking in a queue, soft and mellow,

Spring’s splash of colors, a beautiful tableau.





Navigate the mind, where is the gear?

Find the grains of vague thoughts and steer!

Full of crooked lines, the mind’s not clear.

Erase them all with no fear.

Beware, if the eraser is not fine,

It may leave an even uglier sign, a smear


Let the breeze blows in the mind’s sphere

Let past regrets pass, let them disappear,

Let positive thoughts cast, sincere,

Plant cherry trees in the mind, let them bloom, near.


Let pines, maples, pomegranates appear.

Enjoy the blissful scent, in the mind, my dear,

In the fertile soils of the mind, not in the barren lands, austere.

Dr. Farzaneh Haratyan is currently serving as an Associate Professor at the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in India. This position follows her tenure as an Associate Professor at various universities in China (Hunan, Jiangsu, Suzhou) for four years, and a fifteen-year tenure as an Assistant Professor at IAU in Iran.

Her educational journey is a testament to her commitment, dedication, and passion for learning. She has earned her first PhD in English Literature, her first Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), her second Master’s degree in General Psychology, and has completed coursework for her second doctorate in General Psychology. Her research interests are an intriguing blend of literature and psychology. She is engrossed in the application of psychological theories in literary analysis and the therapeutic use of literature, such as in poetry therapy. At present, she is delving into the practices of positive psychology, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), emotion regulation (ER), and poetry therapy. Her academic pursuits, publications, speeches, and lectures in these areas are poised to make contributions to both the literary and psychological fields. She earned the title of “Distinguished Professor” in China in 2023 and the title of “Outstanding Educator” in India in 2024.

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