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POEMS by Francesco Favetta

Short Poems by Francesco Favetta

We live in war 

We fall into the darkness

inside the wounds of the earth

in the silence of the days

in rivers of blood

flowing in the streets

pain around us

and the death of children.

We live in war

we have become inhuman

and we accept any violence

every day imposed

by heartless men

criminal brutes and murderers

vampires of innocent blood.

Deep in the light of the eyes 

Beyond that hedge

I see the horizon disappearing

in the silence of the earth

far from reality

away from the noise.

I hear the song of nature

stronger and stronger in life

and in every desert I have seen

a hidden flower

fragile nascent shoot.

Deep in the light of the eyes

the soul is silent faith

that breathes in wonders

of the heart and life

a full moon of love.

It's inside you!

For good

there's a party

the happy thought

every interior dwelling

born from the heart.

In the eyes

there is the soul

the eternal spark

the seed of dreams


But it's in the heart

that love reigns

the sacred fire

the truth


The roots of man

Sing from the heart

and everywhere in life

away from everything

and from evil

infinite love

the fearless thought

it is a rare seed

never putrefied.

It lives in the blood

the desire to fight

and fight for good

build bridges

without the violence

go down

down to the roots

to become a man.

Little girl from Gaza

I'll touch your face

innocent soul

breath killed

from the iron of man

flesh stolen from life.

I will hug you again

silent unaware age

daughter kidnapped at the time

I'm still a budding singer

open wound in the world.

I will remember you in my heart

wherever you are

little girl from Gaza

caresses and sacred dreams

it will be the sheets

of your eternal sleep

What kind of man would you be

Beast you are man

what kind of man would you be

in this human delirium

but then it's so heavy

your burden

to ruin everything

every little bond.

On the consciences of the world

your responsibilities

they are terror and fears

the crosses on the pain of the people

your fratricidal wars

innocent deaths

mud and blood on the ground.

                                                              Ohhh my captain!

Ohhhh my captain

the trials of life are long

as well as truths in the mists

that shatter over time

leaving trails everywhere

they are the destinies born

in the silence of the days.

Ohhhh my captain

helmsman always

never tamed by storms

intrepid destiny

your routes are

the ways of courage

seabeds and hidden beaches.

Ohhhh my captain

raise the sails and turn the bow

because the wind has become

furious and arrogant

howls from the South

from the Mediterranean coasts

brings destruction and death.


Songs of the Soul 

The enchantment

and beauty

in the silence of nature

they echo

within time

where every breath

it is a Divine mystery.

The song of Love

resonates eternally

in the songs of the Soul

endless verses

music and notes

written in the heart

Poems rooted in blood.                                  

Life with you love is!

Corsair life



in the depths of this sea

agitated and moved

by the waves of time.


your every breath

stay immersed

deep into the abyss

among the darkness

and the unexplored silences.

Life without fears

life in faith

life wherever it is

life with you love is

my life it's still you

life never forget.

Poet Francesco Favetta from the land of Sicily in Sciacca has always loved poetry and writing verses. In 2018 he was awarded the Academician of Sicily by the Accademia di Sicilia. His valuable works have been published in various anthologies and magazines.

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