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Poems by Francesco Favetta

The truth is urgente!

Rooms with a view

in this dark world

where every pain

it is a humanitarian crime

spit of human hatred

on innocent lives.

The truth is urgent

inside this theatrical drama

faith is somewhat desperate

and also people's lives

flesh torn from the eyes

in the silence of the earth.

Divine Souls

We kissed

like the sun and the moon

today inside the universe

and in this eternal dance

between fire and sky

between stars and clouds

the embrace of love

it became eclipse.

This big kiss

burning with love

it warmed lives and hearts

and it is said that

the divine souls

in all their internal pain

then they will rise again like flowers

on full moon nights.

Sun and moon

We are suspended planets

we are the roots of the universe

the eternal that rotates

the primordial song

the ways of the stars

we are life

we are the sun and the moon.

Around us

there is the sky there is everything

and in sidereal silence

we are the night

we are the day

it's always us

the eternal cosmic stars.

We are the most beautiful destinations

the verses that are difficult to reach

we are never close

our every desire

it is a precious source

poetic inspiration.

All of you humanity

watch over our future

about our evolution

on our rhythms

and on our eternal journey

within this universe.     


An imaginary dialogue between Mahatma Gandhi and a little man

Tell me about you, about your world,

of all your knowledge,

and of everything that is in you:

infinite wisdom?

This was asked of Gandhi

from a little man who wanted to know, know, learn

by the Mahatma, during one of his

public speaking.

Gandhi replied:

search within yourself man,

what you look for in others!

The little man, then, after listening to him and nodding, replied:

great Mahatma, this means that every man must search within himself

really what he has always been looking for,

and never try to apologize to his own ego, because, otherwise by doing so, it will surely happen that the shadow of his own real intentions, then, projected outward,

at the end of the internal torment:

would darken all hope

and every thought too!

Again, the little man,

at which point he asked another question

to Maestro Gandhi:

Master, what's left

of truth and right in humanity, often deprived and even deprived of desire

to live in Peace?

The great Mahatma Gandhi,

he didn't answer immediately, he made a very long pause, and then said:

see little man, between your question

and my response you will surely have noticed that some time has passed?

Certainly - Gandhi continued to say -

this deep pause is not usual in a conversation between two people,

and this is due to:

to my being, inside.

We live- added Gandhi -

in the ways of truth, serenely traveled in the incessant river of life, which, with its impetuous currents could drag anyone,

among the waters of the seas, within the sea:

so different from the noises and the waters

of a river that flows rhythmically down the valley, and without rushing to reach the depths of the sea!

It was after this answer that the little man jumped on the spot, shouting:

yesssss Master, now I understand why, the reason why man, humanity, no longer desires Peace

and they live in terror and darkness!

Master I understood that,

the river and the sea have mixed, without bringing with them, within them, what has always been the only way

for Peace, or:

the dialogue between the different, the brotherhood between the opposites, the welcoming of every noise and every colour, of the rivers and the seas, which already existed in nature, before the life of men!

From "Reflections Inner Soul"

Poet Francesco Favetta was born in the land of Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, food for the soul: culture is Freedom, it is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Motion, not should never be harnessed! In 2018 he was awarded the Academician of Sicily by the Accademia di Sicilia. He has been published in various anthologies and magazines. He founded a theater company in Sciacca: "Theatrum Socialis Sciacca", and a Lions Club, "Sciacca Terme".

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