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It was just a quick embrace, like

the elusive flight of a butterfly

brushing in an instant your hair.

It was just a warm hug inside a

body that trembled like a leaf,

that anonymous world, which

was a thousand times much

more familiar than my house.

It was nothing more than a hug,

but who knows why—in those

moments, my anima felt so light,

like a feather that ascends to the sky.


You see that lovely house on the hill

that has appeared like a giant mushroom?

I would like us to take refuge there,

far from this mad, chaotic world.

You’ll cover my body with flowers,

you’ll desire me in every white petal,

you’ll caress me just like the breeze,

keeping my fragilities in your hand.

When the wind scatters the petals,

you’ll recognize my autumn at once,

my youth lost in lines and wrinkles,

the sunset of faded charms.

You see that house? It seems unreal—

the backdrop of an ancient tale.

I’d like to live there through the seasons

for a year, a month, or a single day.

IRMA KURTI is an Albanian poet, writer, lyricist, journalist, and translator and has been writing since she was a child. She is a naturalized Italian and lives in Bergamo, Italy. All her books are dedicated to the memory of her beloved parents, Hasan Kurti and Sherife Mezini, who have supported and encouraged every step of her literary path.

Kurti has also won numerous literary prizes and awards in Italy and Italian Switzerland. She was awarded the Universum Donna International Prize IX Edition 2013 for Literature and received a lifetime nomination as an Ambassador of Peace by the University of Peace, Italian Switzerland.

In 2020, she became the honorary president of WikiPoesia, the encyclopedia of poetry. In 2021, she was awarded the title of Liria (Freedom) by the Italian-Albanian community in Italy. She is a member of the jury for several literary competitions in Italy. She is also a translator for the Ithaca Foundation in Spain. Irma Kurti has published 27 books in Albanian, 22 in Italian, 15 in English, and two in French. She has also translated 16 books by different authors, and all of her own books into Italian and English. Her books have been translated and published in 14 countries.

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