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POEMS by Mujë Buçpapaj


Colour of Northern storm

River winds portrait

Into standing trees

Man built

The other side of life and river

Between rain and field

But wind will have its say

Village’s messages

Distant mountains

Receiving flying bird

From marshes

Dreams fleeing

Village’s sad face

Losing forever the way


To the trembling of the Populars

Season of my home

Winds winding reminding

We are found againg


Our dream

That freedom lost

In war won once

Resting here

Broken spirit of victory

Smoking wood of living tree

Fire in the city


Rushing through

Wind’s blazing window

Here rests our freedom


To enter our world

Dream now only

No hands reaching

Sunset shuttering

Upon our invisible jail

We return to our ruins

Where Freedom was buried

We eat it

From our poems

We will have it

The day we defeated fear


Every March

Distant human voices

Go out

The breathing gate

Illyrian life chaotic

In the stone of

God’s medium of tragedy


Stretching rock

Reaching to Heaven

Enslaving memory

Of our times

Horrors of history

Horrors of pre-history



Blood fires

For our free sun

Poet Mujë Buçpapaj was born in Tropoja, Albania (1962). He graduated from the branch of Albanian Language and Literature, University of Tirana (1986). Mujë Buçpapaj is a Doctor of literary sciences with a thesis on the survival of Albanian poetry during the communist censorship, defended at the Institute of Linguistics and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania. He is one of the founders of political pluralism and the free press in Albania (1990) and a journalist for many years in the most popular newspapers in Tirana. He is the head of the literary and cultural newspaper "Nacional", the "Nacional" Publishing House and the Studies and National Projects.

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