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POEMS by Nikollë Loka

You will appear to me


If You will appear to me

like a tomorrow,

I'll become the present

that follows you from behind.

I see you far

and I miss you among rays

until the unlucky twilight.

In my twilight you are a fried mirror,

in the darkness that blackens

and burns you.

I understand that I still miss you among rays

that come from another sun.


Beyond the Times

Beyond today… that becomes past,

Beyond tomorrow which wrinkles in front of my eyes,

Beyond this clock that makes feelings like pollen drops,

Beyond this moment that plays in a dreams' waltz,

Beyond the blue seconds of hearts,

Beyond this draw that ascends in the arteries and melts,

It's the time that stops at the starting point.

A dream that repeats every day.


Nikollë Loka was born in Sang of Mirdita on March 25, 1960; graduated as a teacher at "Luigj Gurakuqi" University of Shkodra; master studies in Pedagogy at the University of Tirana, doctorate in History of Education. He worked as a teacher, principal in a high school and education inspector in the district of Mirdita, then a teacher in a high school in Tirana and a lecturer at "Aleksandër Xhuvani" University in Elbasan. Lives in Tirana. Author of nine poetic volumes in Albanian and three poetic volumes in Italian (two of which with co-authors). In addition to Albanian, his poems have been published in Italian, English, French, German, Romanian, Swedish and Macedonian. Invited to television and radio shows dedicated to literature. Editor and reviewer of several literary works, mainly in poetry. Winner of several literary awards in the country and abroad. Member of several national and international literary associations. Included in the Lexicon of Albanian writers 1501-2001, as well as in the Encyclopedia of Poets of the Italian language, published by "Aletti Editore", Rome 2021; in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mirdita, "Emal" Publications, Tirana 2021.

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