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POEMS by Rudina Papajani


I am a woman,

who is like a storm

sweeping away the chaos,

a spring dancing with playful energy,

and kissing the world.

I am your sweetheart,

your rush of a river

affecting the newly planted fields

by the strength of my soul.

I do not conceal the mist,

I am creating paths

through the rustling leaves,

from missing you.

Can you sense it, my love?

I am the wind of the mountains

spreading its wings to greet the sun,

the moment of light laughing at night.

I am the willow flower

singing loudly

by the dew-filled stream.


There is life close to us,

protecting us from the evil and the lame,

guiding us towards light and peace,

when we love wholeheartedly.

An angel is close to us,

that descends in rain and lightning,

providing comforting breath there on my shoulder.

The universe is close to us,

awakening us and ... instilling bravery,

pushing us harshly on empty days,

and celebrating with us in moments of joy.

This is why I am unafraid of a broken bone,

that pierces our flesh little by little,

I am taking excessive courage, every day

and remove the shavings that stick to us every moment..


The mountains watch in vain,

to help the hills,

that dwell below them.

There is nothing left,

but the ashes and the burning wind.

Only the evil tongues ​​live properly,

they are extended somewhat too long,

and they are weighed every morning,

when the alum is separated from the sugar,

even the echoes sound hungry,

rising the hills to strip away

the mantles of the nobles.

Knowledge nowdays resides only on the mountain's peaks,

though the wasps that sleep near a carrion,

fly in the hope of some beehives.

They eagerly await the Sun,

Some believing it will rise after


(English translation Taena Mata)

Rudina Papajani, born in Vlora, Albania with a Post graduation in General Pathology has the passion for the world of letters since her childhood. She has written two poetic volumes "Algat e shpirtit" and "Violinat e shiut". In her creativity, she deals with verses about the world of women, social and family gravity, a path she has followed for over 30 years. She has written for various media both prose and poetry. She also deals with various topics of psychological and philosophical nature that are constantly published at various platforms. It was announced at the end of this year by the newspaper Intervista as "Character of the year".

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