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Poems by Sajid Hussain

Harmonies of Wilderness 

In the depths of woods' silence lingers,

The secrets of the forest stir when wind retrieves,

Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper,

Through scattered rustling leaves.

In the fertile land earth's bounty  wields, 

Emergent ray of effluence in harvesting yields,

Shine, shine, shine, shine,

Upon the vestal bosom of silent fields.

In the soul of woods, where wildness thrives,

Beneath the canopy where chaos flees,

Roar, roar, roar, roar,

Amidst the shady towering trees.

Memories dally in rhythm's rhyme,

Regret of age is a silent shrine,

Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh,

Under the weight of passed time.

Nature's dance, where beauty settles,

Butterfly wings in floral vessels,

Flutter, flutter, flutter, flutter,

At the beds of blossoming petals.

Wilderness' song, where harmony allies,

Trickling streams at nature's galleries,

Flow, flow, flow, flow,

Through the air of winding valleys.

Comfort embraces low spirits to aspire,

The radiant warmth to bestow a cozy attire,

Glow, glow, glow, glow,

Through flickering embers of the fire.

Moonlit confessions in darkness to ignite,

Where passion takes flight,

Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper,

In the hush of the inky night.

Celestial waltzes in cosmic symphony enhance,

Among the starry expense to find trance,

Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle,

In the vastness of the cosmos' glance.

History  murmurs where time recounts,

Remnants of the past cascade in memories' fountains,

Echo, echo, echo, echo,

Across the mind rugged mountains.

Heart's tempest in its commotions,

Feelings collide like oceanic oceans,

Swirl, swirl, swirl, swirl,

In the whirlwind of emotions.

In nature's arms, all worries surpass,

Sun's light embraces as moments pass,

Glisten, glisten, glisten, glisten,

On the dew-kissed grass.

In ancient scripts under crescent moons,

Legends awaken in forgotten runes,

Chant, chant, chant, chant,

Amidst the ancient ruins.

In the falling leaves memories cleave,

Autumn whispers a tale, it weaves,

Rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle,

Through the sparse leaves.

Illuminating darkness's dreams arise,

For twinkling lights while painting the skies,

Whirl, whirl, whirl, whirl,

In the dance of the fireflies.

Guided by wonder, an eternal elevation,

Explores realms without limitation,

Glide, glide, glide, glide,

On the wings of imagination.

Symphonies of rustling leaves increase,

Nature's chorus finds tranquility to release,

Sway, sway, sway, sway,

Under the trees in gentle breeze.

Amidst the garden's vibrant bowers,

Busy bees gather nectars in golden hours,

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz,

At tender caress of the blooming flowers.

In the green meadows where time stands stills,

Boundless joy as freedom spills,

Leap, leap, leap, leap,

From top of the rolling hills.

Sparkling secrets of the ages intake,

Reflections of life in a serene to wake,

Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer, shimmer,

On the surface of the lake.

Carried by the wind's gentle swells,

Legend of tradition having saga tells,

Chime, chime, chime, chime,

In the resonance of distant bells.

A Missing Ancient Letter 

Through the corridors of account a mystery remains ,

A missing ancient letter  shrouds in intrigue,

Obscured by the veil of antiquity which eludes,

The past resonance hinting at secrets untold,

Across the ages fragments of a lost narration beckons,

In the memory the riddle of the vanished script,

 A puzzle for the curious mind to decipher,

Beneath the layers of dust  waits to  unearth,

In the shadows of time holds its silent plea,

Through the passage of epochs begs for resolution,

Within the depths of ancient ruins lies a silent sentinel,

Hidden beneath the sands of time,

About the hovering loss of a dear one,

Echoes of eternity's lament in the hush of time,

On the forgotten tomb of solitary,

History  embraces  the absence of cherished soul,

Its secrets poises to unfurl mysteries,

what lies beyond the silence at cosmic existence!!

Ode to Whispers of Breeze



O, whispering breeze,thou art breath of all seasons ,

Thou, embrace with twirling blades of grass,

Your coolness sprinkles stardust and dreams,

In the meadows where scented air  roam free,

Spreading the aroma of wildflowers for sleepy to wake,

The gentle breath of thy carries the promise of rain ,

Shares tales of distant lands and ancient wisdom,

Carrying resonance of the future with sweet buds ,

Have secrets carried from far regions ,

Beneath the arching rainbow's hues 

to infuse pulsating throb,

With vitality and strength through the seasons,

To urge the nimbus to release its bounty,

Invocation coaxes  souls to release their burden of sorrows,

To unleash their watery payloads to douse flames,

Replenishing the parched essence  with invigoration .


Soft spirit,you rustle through the autumn leaves,

Fluttering through the meadows towards distant mountains,

Allows to admire each blossom in turn,

Secrets play hide and seek among the branches,

Across the scorched desert sands make furrows,

where shades become precious refuge for blistering heat,

Amidst the relentless sun beneath the sky,

Where the promise of an oasis beckons, 

The silence listens the haunting melodies of your whispering,

You sweep away the ashes of despair,

And carry the dreams of nomads in wandering,

Tender-born soul drifts through the ether's embrace,

Thou,paint free-spirited essence with ethereal hues,

 Surging through the currents of evolution,

Etch thy mark on the canvas of destiny.


O, refreshing symphony of nature's song,

Thou, guide lost souls with a tender touch,

Offer comfort to a traveler in journey,

Marking the passage of time for subtle changes,

Immerses the senses in a cocoon of tranquility,

The clarion of novelty resounds at corridors of tradition,

To inspire the visionary souls igniting with brilliance,

Eternal symphonies of dreams in your silence,

Find their serenades of new beginnings in universe,

Mystic essence casts spells upon the sands of time,

To carve paths across the boundless expanse,

The vibrant spectrum of life's hues holds secrets,

Exploring the infinite reaches of existence,

Venturing into the unending depths of the cosmos.


Oh, hear the whispering breeze, its gentle plea,

O, gentle spirit,below to awaken the sleeping forest, 

To stir the trees from their slumber with murmurs,

To ripple through the sea to disturb the surface ,

With concentric circles to tease the spiral outward,

To invigorate the tired earth for breathing life,

To soothe the restless waves lulling into a rhythm,

To scatter the blind fog to  reveal hidden paths ,

A rising the voice echos through darkness,

Amidst the ache the scars earn lingers of healing,

In labyrinth of despair my steps falter,

A plea is for salvation midst the void,

To ground me in roots deep and true,


O, lovely spirit,my heart's eye is with, 

Every empathetic sigh with prudent threads of light,

With the fireflies to illuminate the night ,

Amidst the chaos of conflicting voices,

Wrapped in a blanket of autumn like a dry straw,

On parched soil wither seeds are for moisture,

Lift me O, generating spirit at core of existence,

To urge to embrace change with wisdom,

 Awakening dormant seeds and dormant dreams,

To create patterns of light and shadow,

To pulse through the melodies the heartbeat of the earth,

To evoke wilted flowers on the meadows,

To have thirst for unconventional nature of life,

To infuse the air with the scent of  blossoming flowers.


Lift me, as the mountain standing firm against time,

As the sun radiating warmth and light,

Make me thy flame even as the candle has,

To paint the sky with hues of new  dawn,

Even a haze is ahead to persuade to surrender,

The clouds to their reservoirs of rain,

Thirsty earth is need of to invite the heavens,

To bestow their precious gift of precipitation,

Splitting apart into deep ravines of water,

As the earth quakes and trembles beneath,

The soothing force of universe, below, below!

In the stillness of the night as a reminder of life,

Calming the restless souls through the silent dance,

Igniting wanderlust in the hearts of dreamers.

Sajid Hussain is a poet from Pakistan.

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