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POEMS by Silla Campanini


In the darkness of the night lies the oblivion of consciences

The cry of fathers advances

In the ignoble market, everything unfolds

Voices shout, and ahead is the fire

A general chaos takes hold

Echoes of wars and the mania for power

Holy hands abound with innocent blood

Like a solitary star amid veils of uncertainty

I leave the world, following another path

The rain washes every deed

Illuminating the profaned truth

In the silence of the Ark lies refuge and the key

The sun, between wind and mists

Announces freedom

The seagull, beyond every horizon, flies.


A colorful life is born in the rhythm of fragility.

In the silence of the sky, refuge and starry nights reside.

Intimate reflections and the mute tree tightly hold destiny.

The river narrates tales of the past, and time flees,

unaware and impatient, without a moment's pause.

It is in the depths of the sea that life exists, where no reality is altered.

Like oxygen to breath, the experience of the heart indulges understanding.

The nocturnal mist, orchestrating the vision, dissolves nature.

New words, witnesses of love, far from the world, seek space,

so as not to leave me alone.


With a faint whisper, the quivering spirit,

in the intimate wanderings, ventures.

Listening becomes profound, the strings touch the heart.

In that space of calm, the sense emerges.

You are the infinite, there on the mount is your voice.

In the firmament of hearts, my breath joins yours.

In that refuge, dawn is announced.

You are the true dream, and I love you.


Nature dissolves pages of life

Secret memories evoke the ancient

The book collects new words

The show is ready

How much noise loses its flavor

I light a candle and say a prayer

White clouds speak of the just

Innocent seasons hold tight to the soul

No sword hovers with a smile

No grimacing mouth gleams

The wind disperses the useless yearning

Only the poetry of memory now

And the words never spoken.

(Translated by Preeth Nambiar)

Silla Campanini was born in 1954 in a charming village in the province of Bologna. From a young age, she displayed a particular fascination for the earth and colors. Throughout her artistic journey, she has expanded her experiences from technical consultancy (CTU) to teaching.

In 2016, she was honored as a member artist of the art and culture department of the Belgrade Academy of Sciences and Arts. Silla Campanini served as Vice President of the "WRITERS CAPITAL FOUNDATION." Additionally, she was a member of the Munir Mezyed International Foundation for Arts and Culture.

Silla Campanini maintains numerous international relationships and collaborations, recognizing the value of art in promoting peace and brotherhood among people. She has held numerous personal and collective exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her works can be found in art books, catalogs, and various publications. They are also showcased in modern art galleries, national and international museums, as well as public and private structures.

Silla Campanini is an eclectic and multifaceted artist who excels in various artistic disciplines. Her paintings showcase absolute originality. Through her works, she embarks on a journey into fantasy and dreamlike metaphysical abstraction, transcending time and space to explore the intricacies of dramatized thought forms that reside within the collective unconscious. Her art delves into the hidden aspects of the human dimension, evoking emotional engagement through the most fantastic and imaginative means.

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